About Us
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About Us


SkillHub Solves a Common Problem

We’ve been in the online training business for over a decade. Over that time we noticed a constant pattern – our potential customers were looking to get into online training sales, but the money and time it took to set up the technology and negotiate content deals made that difficult or even impossible.


We decided to solve this very common problem for our customers, and the result is SkillHub Training.


Does This Sound Like You?

If you’re interested in getting into online training sales, you generally have two options:


  1. Spend a lot of money to develop a custom LMS from scratch, then negotiate content deals.
  2. Find an existing LMS solution, then negotiate content deals.


Each of these solutions can result in hundreds to thousands of hours of employee resources, and LMS fees can easily eat up the majority of your profit.


How We Can Help

We have packaged together the content, LMS and E-Commerce into a single turn-key solution for you at a price that won’t eat all your profit. Our services allow you to get up and running in 1-2 weeks, and require almost no employee resources to get started. We can even create a website for you if you need one.


We know each business is different, which is why we brand each package with a custom domain name, your logo and colors, and allow you to choose which content you want to start selling. We can make selling online training easier than you ever thought possible.

    Say Hello

    Drop Us a Line!

    If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your company earn more revenue selling online training give us a shout. We can help you determine what plan will work best for you and help you work out a marketing strategy that will result in success.

    Our services take the pain out of getting into online training sales. We know how hard it is to find an LMS, find all the content you need, implement E-Commerce software, then successfully market your courses. We’ve done it all before, and it was difficult enough that we decided to create a turn-key solution for companies like yours at a fair price. Problem solved!